Mission Statement


  • To inspire ocean conservation.
  • To educate, inspire and empower people from K-Grey to become better stewards of our oceans now and in the future.
  • To save the endangered seahorse and sea dragons from extinction through research and propagation.
  • To protect and preserve wild Hawaiian Reef fish for all to enjoy through education and propagation.

Foundation Goals

Maintain a gene bank for all the worlds species of seahorses and seadragons by providing a permanent home for displaying and breeding these endangered fish in Kona, Hawaii at the Ocean Rider Seahorse Ranch.

Maintain healthy breeding populations of threatened Hawaiian Reef fish for research education and propagation.

Financial Support

We ask for your financial support.

Funds will be used to provide the infrastructure and staff needed to collect, display, maintain, and propagate these exotic marine creatures.

Funds will be used to educate, inspire and empower people from K-Gray to become better stewards of our oceans now and in the future.


How will the accomplishment of these goals benefit the worlds oceans?

Reducing the take of marine life from the ocean will help to rebalance and reverse the current collapse of our ocean resources.

The successful breeding of these selected populations will establish technical protocol that can be transferred to the culture of many marine species that have not yet been cultured, including valuable food fish.

Using seahorse culture as a model to demonstrate the fact that captive bred marine specimens are so superior to wild caught specimens that they live 10 to 100 times longer thus eliminating the need to take ornamental marine fish for pets from the wild.

Education & Facilities

Where are the educational, display and breeding facilities to be developed?

Within the Ocean Rider Seahorse Ranch in Kona, Hawaii