Surfing For Seahorse In Fiji (May 16-24th, 2014)

Sea horses were once very common in sea grass beds and coral reefs around the world. Today they are on the edge of extinction. The Seahorse Hawaii Foundation is dedicated to saving the seahorses and the coral reefs where they live through education, propagation, the creation of marine reserves and finally, the release of seahorses back in to the wild. Seahorses inspire curiosity and love of the ocean. Surfers love the ocean and are natural good will ambassadors for protecting our marine environment. Children, inspired through curiosity and love of the ocean as they surf, swim, dive and play in the ocean are our best candidates to be future stewards of the ocean that we all love so much.

Our Adopt a Seahorse and Junior Seahorse Ambassador programs are dedicated to educating children about marine stewardship. Our hope is that as children surf the waves created by the coral reefs and beaches in their own back yard, and around the world, they will be inspired to protect the ocean while teaching others about its’ incredible beauty and importance to our planet.

Seven children from Kona have been selected for this program. They have gone through a unique marine workshop over the period of several months here in Kona, Hawaii with Puaita Pulotu, a true Hawaiian waterman. This unique interactive, outdoor, ocean program includes the study of Hawaiian and Oceania culture, ocean water safety, surfing, the study of seahorses, corals, and the complex coastal marine ecosystems and how those areas are affected by what we do on land. These children have become inspired to “malma” or protect our ocean.

The Junior Seahorse Ambassadors will be sharing the message of marine stewardship with 12 children from the near by villages of Tavarua, Fiji from May 16-24th, 2014, at Tavarua Island Resort. Through surfing, snorkeling, and ocean games combined with the release of seahorses, the creation of coral and giant clam gardens, and the sharing of knowledge from their elders, our hope is that these Fijian and Hawaii children will become inspired to become marine stewards of their local reef and reefs around the world.

Today, more than ever, our coral reefs, which are the oceans’ nursery grounds, are under attack. Just like protecting the rain forest on land, the reefs are the lungs of the ocean and need our urgent help and protection. As our global population tops 71/2 billion, pollution, habitat destruction, ocean acidification, and over fishing are worse than ever. We have taken 90 % of our fish out of the ocean in the last 50 years and our coral reefs are expected to disappear forever within the next 30 years if we do not do something now. Scientist believe that if we can put 20% of our ocean into marine reserves we have a chance at saving our ocean. Today we have less than 1 % in marine reserves and .6% of that is the North Western Hawaiian Islands.

We have to do more. We each need to find a way to make a difference. We believe that this project will make a significant impact in saving our ocean and protecting our coral reefs around the world. We invite you to be a part of this earth changing, grass roots project now by making a tax free contribution to the Seahorse Hawaii Foundation a 501(c)3 public charity with Federal EIN # 20-5592772 and State of Hawaii Tax ID # W37503643.

We are looking for cash contributions as well as mask and snorkels, dental supplies, school supplies and clean drinking water systems for the children. Please contact Carol or go to to find out more ways to get involved in this ongoing marine educational program for the children. Our next program will be to Tonga in the Fall of 2014 and again to Tavarua in May of 2015. We are looking for sponsors and junior seahorse ambassadors!

Mahalo for your support

  • Carol Cozzi-Schmarr, Founder/President, Seahorse Hawaii Foundation

Board of Directors:

  • Carol Cozzi-Schmarr, Director/President/Founder (Marine Biologist)
  • Dr. Clyde Tamaru, Director ( Doctorate of Fish Physiology., Tokyo University
  • Darlene McKellar, Director ( Business Associate)
  • Craig P Schmarr: Director (Marine Biologists)
  • Allen M. Arakaki, CPA, Founding attorney: Brian I. Ezuka
  • Yuan Wang, Director ( Marine Biologist and Business Associate)
  • Puaita Pulotu, Director: Waterman and Expert in Polynesia Oceania

We would like to thank our sponsors which include:

  • All contributors to The Seahorse Hawaii Foundation
  • Shane Dorian Keiki Surf Class
  • GoodOnYa Bars
  • Tavarua Island Resort

We would like to give special thanks to Virginia and Rick Isbell for their supportive and inspirational visions and Puaita Pulotu for being the life guard and mentor to the children.